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Do you have the Right Health Cover?

Do you have the Right Health Insurance Cover? Are you paying too much? ChooseWell is one of Australia’s leading Health Insurance Advisory Services, providing thousands of people with the best Health Insurance options to meet their needs. Our free service saves our customers $$$s and improves their health cover.

Answer these simple YES/NO questions for a frank review of your health insurance.

1. Do you feel like you’re paying too much for your health insurance? Yes No
2. Have you lost touch with what your health insurance is actually covering? Yes No
3. Has your life/style changed but your health insurance hasn’t? Yes No
4. Are you paying for things in your health insurance policy that you will never use? Yes No
5. Are you ever disappointed with the rebates you receive on dental & other services? Yes No
6. Are you with your current health fund because it was the fund your parents chose when you were a kid? Yes No
7. Ever wondered how to reduce your health insurance costs? Yes No
8. Are you frustrated you have never been rewarded by your health fund for your loyalty? Yes No
9. Have you tried to contact your health fund and ended the conversation more confused than when you started? Yes No
10. Have you ever thought that it’s hard to switch funds, but have never asked how switching works? Yes No