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Our Customer Stories

Single parent health insurance

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In 2009 Shelley and her husband filed for divorce however the price of her private health cover didn’t alter. A ChooseWell expert spoke to Shelley and explained that some health providers do not reduce their premiums and package costs for single parents and that there are some that reduce it slightly, but there are others who reduce it up to $1000 a year for single parents! Some funds however will only reduce the costs to single parents when they purchase certain packages, meaning it gets complicated if you’re already covered under another package.

After guiding Shelley to the right choice we received a charming letter from her saying thank you for our free of charge expert service. After helping her understand the entire process of health insurance coverage and different packages, Shelley was able to search through the hundreds of products and understand their rules and limitations to find one most suitable to her: “Having you guys help me find what is best for my family was both easy and most importantly will save me much needed money!”

Family covered for $120 month

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tasmanian local, Brenda, is a single mother who had resigned to the thought of never having health insurance for herself, but maintained it was important for one daughter of her in particular to have private health coverage. After seeking advice from ChooseWell, Brenda found a package that would insure not only one of her daughters but all her children, herself included for nothing more than $120 per month. Brenda was ecstatic that for a mere $40 a month more than what it was quoted to insure just the one daughter, her entire family is safely covered by Hospital and Extras cover. ChooseWell was also able to waive most of the waiting periods on Brenda’s new coverage meaning she and her family were able to start utilising their insurance immediately.

Fantastic tax savings

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I’m going to earn $80k (including my bonus) for the first time this financial year. That means an additional bill of around $800 to the tax office because I didn’t have health insurance. I didn’t know you could get health insurance for that amount – but you can. I now not only have good hospital cover, but I’m covered for the ambulance and get back 65% of the cost when I go to the dentist or buy a pair of glasses.

Jenny, 34 Carlton