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Single Parents Need Health Insurance Too

June 5th 2012

Between financial stress and long days, being a single parent in Australia can be extremely taxing. It’s little wonder why, amongst families, single parent households are least likely to be covered by private health insurance. While single parents are most likely to understand the benefits of health cover just as much as anybody else, the

Perth Based Health Insurance

June 4th 2012

Just like you would insure your car in the unlikely event of theft and damage, so too should you cover your health. If you are interested in health insurance, join the millions of other Perth locals who rely on ChooseWell Insurance to help match them up to the best deals from Australian providers. Everyone’s insurance

Private Health Insurance For Your Family

June 1st 2012

Your family is important to you, and most parents would say they will do anything to ensure their child’s wellbeing as they grow up. With that in mind, it’s surprising how many people in Australia never bother to take out private health insurance for themselves and their families. There are numerous reasons why one may

No Longer Covered By Mum & Dad’s Health Insurance?

May 29th 2012

You’ve finished study, you’re moving out, and you’re moving up in the world. It’s exciting and new to be living out of your parents’ home, and health insurance is often one of the last things on your mind. Many young people take being covered by their parents’ health insurance for granted. But once you’re independent,

Brisbane Based Health Insurance

May 28th 2012

If you were involved in an automotive accident and needed to pay for hospital cover, or if you needed urgent dental care, would you be able to pay for it out of your own pocket? This is the reality that many Brisbane locals without health insurance are facing. As everybody knows, medical bills can be

Keep Your Health Insurance Up To Date

May 25th 2012

Amongst the celebration of your wedding day or welcoming a new baby into the world, there are numerous legalities and forms that have to be filled out. From changing the surname on your driver’s licence to attaining a birth certificate for your newborn, updating your health insurance cover can sometimes be put on the bottom

Protect Yourself With Health Insurance Cover

May 22nd 2012

Most people who have private health cover are lucky enough to not have to use it, but begrudgingly wear the expense on the off chance that something might happen. And it’s the ‘might’ that is crucial here. The predominant argument people use against taking out health cover is that “nothing will happen to me… it’s

Health Insurance that’s located in Sydney

May 21st 2012

If you live in Sydney and are considering health insurance, there has never been a better time to shop around for the best deals. One of those things you can rely on when you need it, but least expect to use, health insurance works on the what-if scenario: what if you are involved in an

Shop Around For The Best Health Insurance Policy

May 18th 2012

In the last four to six weeks you’ve probably received a letter in the mail from your health insurance provider outlining an increase to your monthly premiums. It typically happens at this time of the year, and as a result many health insurance customers look at switching to a new provider. Coincidentally this is also

Turning 30? Take Out Your Health Cover Before June 30

May 15th 2012

The end of financial year is merely weeks away now, so expect to see an increase in advertising from health insurance providers encouraging people turning 30 to take out hospital cover before the last day of June. Ever wondered what that was all about? Let’s explore it further. The Federal Government introduced an initiative, Lifetime